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Our Secret Formula To Restoring Your Car's Paintwork

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Paint rejuvenation is the process of correcting/re-leveling the clear coat layer of your car to remove surface defects such as swirl marks, etchings from bird droppings/tree sap, spider webbing, buffer trails (‘fish tails’), micro-marring and scratch. This process can be carried out in various stages of paint rejuvenation starting from a single stage to 4 stage correction. Different techniques, compounds and polishing pads are used throughout the various stages to aid in the removal of defects. Upon completion, your car’s paintwork reflects light at a straight angle, similar to that of a mirror-like finish. Look at the sample images below to see the difference for yourself.

Mercedes E300 (50/50 comparison)

E3003661 04.jpg
Before And After Mercedes E Class Paint Restoration Boot
Before And After Mercedes E Class Paint Restoration Door

If you are interested to find out more about our paint rejuvenation and Skinz Glassjacket Paint Protection Systems, send us your request here.

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