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Masters Of The Art Of Interior Detailing


Time: 2.5 hours

“Totally trashed” or just “needs a good cleaning”, we have the perfect interior detailing solution for you. Our Interior specialists will pull out all the stops to ensure that your car’s interior is given a full once over with nothing left unturned. Our obsession with clean cars and a germ free interior, ensures that every nook and cranny is consistent to our final inspection quality standard.


  • All interior surfaces cleaned & prepped including headliner, vinyl / plastic surfaces

  • Windows cleaned & wipe

  • Leather surfaces cleaned & conditioned using Premium Japanese conditioning products

  • No oily / shiny residues left – dash, trim, etc. will have a factory matte finish if it were “like new”


Time: 3.5 hours


If you are not satisfied with just a clean interior, we offer a wide array of antibacterial solutions to ensure that nothing is left behind to bring harm to you or your family. Forget the “new car smell”, you will have to see this to believe it! At a whooping 170 degrees celsius, nothing escape the power of hot jet steam. Get your car cleaned and sanitised with a bio-degradable antibacterial solution that is used in childcare centres around Singapore to fight off bad bacteria such as HFMD, E.Coli and Salmonella.


  • Enjoy all the goodness of Cabin Werks

  • Steam jet cleaning on all visible surface at 170 degrees celsius

  • Antibacterial wipe down on all visible plastic and leather surfaces with Ecoclean+ Disinfectant

Steam cleaning trades heat for chemicals without sacrificing strength. When used correctly, steam can quickly kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, making it a safe, healthy, eco-friendly and an all-natural way to clean your car inside out.


Cabin Werks
Cabin Werks Premium
Extra Large

Simply Not Enough?

We have more add-ons that you can choose from to up the game for your car's interior. Don't be shy, we know how awful it is to be driving in a car that smells and feel horrid. 

Activated Oxygen Treatment

Time: 30 minutes

Want to get rid of the smoke, pet, or spilled drink smell inside your car? Our Activated Oxygen Treatment (AOT) is a great solution for odor elimination. AOT is the process of producing Ozone within the compartment of your car's interior. The process will require your vehicle's A/C and re-circulatory function to be in operation to ensure HVAC neutralization. AOT treatments are recommended after receiving a Cabin Werks Or Cabin Werks Premium Detail. No cleaning is associated with this service! Ozone does not remove the cause of the smell but rather kills any organic matter possibly causing the odor.

  • Each session of Activated Oxygen Treatment takes 30 minutes, multiple sessions might be required for extensive odour elimination

  • Removes up to 99% of odor in vehicle (Smoke, dog, vomit, gas, old food, etc.)

Cost: $30 per 30 minutes

Anti-Pest Fumigation

Time: 60 minutes

You don't have to live with the little pesky cockroaches and ants in your car. These pesky little nuisances can breed bacteria, carry germs and cause unwanted disturbances in the vehicle. Let us handle this professionally with a safe and effective solution of fumigating the entire interior cabin. We usually recommend adding this with our cabin werks premium detail to ensure a thorough removal of residual compound and a clean cabin for your next family outing​

  • Each session of Anti-Pest Fumigation (APF) takes 60 minutes, multiple sessions might be required for extensive pest infestation

  • Removes up to 99% of cockroaches and ants within the vehicle's cabin. 

Cost: $150 per session

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