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Skinz "Glassjacket" range of glass and ceramic coatings represents an advancement in automotive paint protection systems.

Improve Paint Optical Clarity

Prevents Paint Oxidisation And Discolouring

UV Protection

Up To 10H Hardness

Ultra Hydrophobic

Protect Against Watermarks And Etchings

Gloss Enhancer

Tested And Proven Effective In Singapore's Climate

Skinz Paint Protection Coating Singapore
Comparison Of Skinz Glassjacket Series

​Introducing the latest in Japanese Nano-Technology, a  ceramic coating that bonds at a molecular level with the paint surface, forming a "second skin" to the clear coat layer. This additional layer of hard wearing coating increases resistance against our harsh environment. Once it is fully cured, the hardened layer of "skin" cannot be washed off like a wax or sealant.


Apart from protecting the surface, Skinz Glassjacket coating increases water contact angle with the paint surface. This creates a hydrophobic effect which causes water to bead up and roll off the surface easily, as a result, it prevents contaminants from adhering to the paint's surface. Your car's paintwork becomes slick and easy to clean. Regular washing with a neutral car shampoo is all that is required to keep your ride looking clean and glossy, year after year.

The benefits of a ceramic paint protection coating

  • Resistance To Abrasion

  • Hard Wearing Molecular Bond

  • Maintains Long Term Physical Gloss

  • Anti-dirt/Graffiti

  • Resistant To Formation Of Light Scratches And Swirl Marks

  • Less Water Spots And Fingerprints

  • Long Lasting, Easy To Clean Surface

  • UV Blocking & Thermal Resistant

  • Maintains Resale Value Of Your Car

Don't Trust Us, Try It Yourself.

Through a series of torture tests and reality feedbacks from our customers, "Glassjacket Pro" coating offers one of the best durability and hydrophobic performance in the market. 

Watch it in action!

Vehicle Type
Glassjacket Pro
Glassjacket Hybrid
Extra Large
  • Prices quoted above are in SGD $

  • Applicable only to new cars that are brand new and registered on for the roads for less than or equal to 3 months. Exceptions may apply, please contact our sales team for an assessment before quotation.

  • Additional Paint Rejuvenation charges apply for cars based on paint conditions. Actual price will be provided after a paint assessment. 

    • 2 Stage Paint Rejuvenation +$120​

    • 3 Stage Paint Rejuvenation +$200

    • 4 Stage Paint Rejuvenation +$250

  • If unsure of the size of your vehicle, please check with our sales team here

  • Terms and conditions apply

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