Signature Bike Polishing And Ceramic Paint Protection

Pamper your beloved motorbike with our signature detailing packages. Our utmost dedication to bring you the best in our stable, in a little under 5 hours, our team of paint specialists will ensure that all parts of your bike are detailed, hand polished and glowing from within. Ditch the basic bike wash idea and go all out with this 25 steps treatment, included with this package is a 2 stage paint polishing. To protect the new found gloss, we will protect each surface with our ultra durable Skinz "Glassjacket Pro" Ceramic Coating to ensure that nothing is left to the demise of the sun. 

However, not all bikes are made equal, contact our team to find out if your bike is suitable for our Skinz Ceramic Coating.


Time Required: ~5 hours

Price: $350 


80 Rhu Cross #01-04 Singapore 437437

Marina Bay Golf Course

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