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Paint Rejuvenation Is The Remedy To Dull, Oxidised Paint

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Honda Odyssey With Swirls, Holograms And Oxidised Paintwork
Swirls, Holograms And Oxidised Paintwork

Swirl Marks - The Marks You Hate But Cannot Avoid

Swirl marks are light scratches that can appear in a variety of patterns; circular, straight, or diagonal. In most situations, they are caused by dirt/dust particles that are dragged over the paint's surface during the washing or drying phase of your vehicle. In addition, there are other causes for swirls marks and they are usually related to the incorrect usage of towels, dusting your vehicle, car covers, and improper quick detailer wipe downs. In some situation, it can be cause by improper paint polishing techniques. This is mostly commonly seen when aggressive sanding and cut polishing are used on a resprayed vehicle.

Watermarks - Leave Them On And You See Them Forever (Or At Least Until We Remove Them)

In our local climate conditions, the rain and shine takes a heavy toll on your car's paint surface. The regular rain brings with it mineral deposits and dust from the atmosphere and these impurities get left on your paint's surface when the water evaporates. With the heat from the sun, these impurities begin to bond to your paint surface. In general, there are 2 classifications of water spots: above surface and below surface water spots. If you are facing troubles with below surface water spots, fret not, there are ways to salvage the situation.


Hologramming - No, It Isn't Your Evil Twin. It's An Unsightly Mess

Holograms are damage to the surface of your car's paintwork caused by the usage of incorrect paint cleaners, sponges and in 90% of the cases that we see, incorrect paint polishing techniques.  You will see these unsightly marks when you visit an inexperienced detailer or in some cases, when you actually try to do-it-yourself. No, we definitely do not generalise everyone, but we have seen DIY enthusiasts creating a bigger mess on the paint surface when done incorrectly. These tiny scratches refract light differently and produce different reflections when looking in direct sunlight. With a large amount of hologramming, you will start to notice that your car colour becomes dull, reflections become blurry and in some severe cases, the the clear coat layer starts to peel off.

Bird Droppings - Oh Sh*t, Not That Bird Again!

Bird droppings can contain a fair bit of acid, these small amounts of acid have been known to be powerful enough to cause mayhem to your car's paintwork. There are generally 2 types of damage caused by bird droppings. The topical stained etching is usually a surface defect and can be completely removed or at least greatly improved. The other type of damage is wrinkled etchings. Leaving the bird droppings for long periods of time can lead to such damage. It looks similar to a small area of spider webs within the area that the bird dropping was. When such a etching happen, it can become beyond repair. So the best advice that we can offer you is to clean off all bird droppings as soon as you spot them. Don't wait till it's too late.

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