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Restoring the glory of a BMW M5 through paint rejuvenation and Skinz "Glassjacket Pro" Coa

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Hard water spots before paint rejuvenation and grooming session

Love the car but do not have the time or knowledge to protect the paint work?

Here's a good example of one such car with an owner who have to fly around frequently due to work and family. As awesome as the car looks and sounds, it was plagued with hard water spots and a gloomy overall. This car needs a proper detail and paint restoration to bring out the gloss. In addition, we recommended that owner to include a layer of paint protection coating to further enhance the paint.

Hard water spots and swirlmarks before paint rejuvenation

BMW M5 rooftop hard water spots before paint rejuvenation and grooming session

BMW M5 car grooming and paint protection in Singapore

Paint Protection in Singapore with BMW M5 Supercar

Here we have some photos of the condition of the ride before we started our work. Majority of the paint panels were plagued with hardwater spots and swirl marks.

Once again, we were set to perform our magic on this beauty. However, due to many bad experiences with other car grooming companies, the owner was skeptical about what we could do for him. He brought his ride in for a quick test run of our skills on the rear bonnet before making his decision to leave his ride with us.

With this, we would like to answer a frequently asked question about our work.

Q: What exactly is paint rejuvenation and why are we so adamant about it?

A: Paint rejuvenation is our unique in-house process of physically working with the paintwork of your car. When we mention paintwork, it refers to the clear coat layer on your car. Etchings, water spots, swirls and scratches are normally inflicted on the surface of the clear coat, hence, resulting in a dull, cloudy surface. A simple analogy would be to imagine the use of cosmetic surgery to alter a person's outlooks. However, a botched up cosmetic surgery can actually do more harm than good. Therefore, it is the same with working with paint. A proper set of knowledge, skill and experience is required to ensure that the surface is polished and jeweled to a high gloss level. Paint rejuvenation is a skill which requires many years of experience and a high level of concentration to achieve the results that we are looking for.

BMW M5 Car Detailing At Detail Mania Singapore

Paint coatings are later applied to protect and further enhance the car's surface. This is the only way to ensure that your car stays glossy all the time. As long as the coating is bonded proper, your car will maintain its level of gloss after every wash, year after year.

Why so?

Because the paint is now leveled, smooth and paint protected by a durable layer of silica-based paint protection coating.

Enjoy the beauty of this BMW M5.

Car grooming and paint protection coating in Singapore

BMW M5 With Skinz "Glassjacket Pro" Paint Protection Coating

Car grooming and detailing in Singapore

Paint Protection Coating For BMW M5

BMW M5 Paint Protection Coating With Detail Mania

After Paint Rejuvenation And Paint Protection Coating at Detail Mania

No more hardwater spots and swirls marks after paint rejuvenation

clean and glossy surface on a BMW M5 at Detail Mania

BMW M5 paint protected with Detail Mania Singapore

Groomed and Coated with Detail Mania Singapore

Durable paint protection coating in Singapore

glass and ceramic coating for cars in Singapore

paint protection coating in Singapore

Groom and Detailed by Detail Mania

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