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5 Tips To Prevent Cockroaches From Being Your In-car Pet

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Prevention is definitely better than finding ways of getting rid of cockroaches!

Encountering a cockroach inside your car must be the last thing you would want. You can have a rather disgusting and frightening experience if you find a cockroach while driving down the road. Having cockroaches inside your car is both scary and unhygienic at the same time, they can transmit as many as 30 different types of bacteria.

Here are a few important tips; you can follow to prevent cockroaches from infesting your car.

Tip #1: Try to avoid eating inside the Car

Cockroaches love food particles, leaving behind food crumbs inside the car is like inviting cockroaches for the party! You are paving the way for cockroaches to have a feast of their lives!

You should avoid eating inside the car, if that’s not possible due to any reason, always make sure you’re cleaning the interior of the car regularly. As a good practice, we recommend getting your car cleaned and vacuumed at least once or twice a month.

Cockroach On White Car In Singapore

Tip #2: Do not park your car near garbage bins or drains

Parking your car around the garbage may invite some other harmful critters too!

Some humid and filthy places like sewage drains, garbage bins, dumping grounds, and drainage openings, etc. are suitable hiding places for cockroaches.

If you’re parking your car around such areas, even for a few minutes, these pesky little pests can get inside your car through entry points such as like air conditioning vents and small gaps in and around your car. Hence, as a good habit, we always try to park our car as far away from damp or dirty places.

Tip #3: Ensure proper cleaning of the car on a regular basis

There are different areas inside your car like carpets, spaces between the seats, sides of the doors, etc. that can easily trap food particles and can invite cockroaches into your car. The best way of staving off the cockroaches is to clean the car regularly. You have to spare some time, at least on weekends to clean your car properly. In addition to wiping the surfaces, you should minimally try to disinfect and vacuum your car at least once a week.

You never know what might just be hiding in the crevices. 😭

Tip #4: Close doors, windows, and vents properly

If you are concerned about the entrance of cockroaches in cars, you have to ensure that you completely block all the possible entryways. Before leaving your car, you should make sure all the entryways like doors and windows are closed tightly.

Leaving the window slightly ajar for the entire night is just an open invitation for cockroaches and other pests to reside in your car for the night. It might get too comfortable and they refuse to leave!

Tip #5: Use insecticides at the right moment

Using insecticides on your own might not be the preferred option as it can have harmful effects on your health! Do not try this at home.

Although, getting rid of cockroaches in cars with insecticides is an effective option, it is not always safe for you to try it at home. Most insecticides are mildly harmful to humans if it is not cleaned thoroughly after used. Before thinking about using insecticides, it is highly advisable to ask a professional on the most suitable solution as most of off the shelf insecticides can be flammable and also, toxic to humans and/or pets. If you’re ready to use insecticides, make sure no one is inside the car for at least a couple of hours and an extremely thorough clean-up regime is met after the treatment.

Although we are unable to guarantee that these tips can keep your car completely cockroach-free, we sure hope that you will not find these pesky little creatures destroying the peace while you enjoy the early morning drive to work.

If you’re still unable to get rid of cockroaches in your car, hire a professional who can definitely help you! US maybe? 😘

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