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The bad stench in your car could be killing you slowly. Find out how you can save yourself! 😇

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

"Oh My Gosh! Your car smells like a dump" We might have all heard this a couple of times in our time of owning a car. If you have a car that tends to smell bad or musty all the time, you could be putting you and your family's health at risk.

We have met a handful of customers with these issues and nothing seems to help their case. They have tried cleaning, scrubbing, pandan leaves, baking soda, everything you can think of. When all else fails, they turn to us for help. Our solution?

Activated Oxygen Treatment

Dirty Aricon Vent Before Interior Detailing & Activated Oxygen Treatment

So.... Why Ozone?

Activated Oxygen Treatment (AOT) is the use of the gas Ozone(O3) to eliminate odours, bacteria, and viruses. An ozone generator will be placed in your car for a set amount of time, depending on the strength of the odour. As the gas passes through your car's interior, bacteria and viruses are killed in the process, naturally removing the bad smells. AOT has been known to work well for removing stubborn odors as the gas is able to permeate air vents, saturate upholstery fibers, and reach all the nooks and crannies that a human hand cannot.

Clean Aircon Vent After Interior Detailing And Ozone Treatment

A natural sterilant

O3 is one of the most powerful sterilant in the world. It uses the chemical reaction of oxidation to naturally break down molecules. As the molecular structure of O3 is highly unstable, it will break down other molecules on contact through the process of ageing/oxidation. This usually happens within a couple of seconds after coming into contact with O3. Bad bacteria and viruses are neutralised when O3 comes into contact with the cell wall. The cell is unable to maintain its structure when its wall becomes damage and eventually dies.

AOT by the professionals

An Activated Oxygen treatment by Detail Mania is carried out with the help of an Ozone Generator which emits specific wavelengths of UV light. The radiation from the Ultra Violet light reacts chemically with oxygen molecules in the air to form Ozone (O3). The use of AOT is a permanent solution to removing odours.

The whole process starts with a comprehensive interior detailing process that is carried out to remove all types of loose dirt, debris and stubborn grime that has accumulated over time. To ensure a successful AOT, the source of the odour must be removed from the vehicle during this step. Thereafter, the device is placed in your vehicle for an average of 15 to 30 minutes. While this might seem like a short time, it is usually sufficient for a large majority of our customers. However, there have been severe cases where a longer duration may be required for a complete removal.

In our years of working with cars, we have treated bad odours due to cases such as spilled fish soup, fishy water from marketing, vomit and even a nauseous stench from the decaying body of a rat hiding under the seats.

To ensure that nothing is missed, we recommend adding on steam cleaning to the detailing process to ensure that bad bacteria is broken down further with steam at 160 degree celsius.

At Detail Mania, we ensure that nothing escapes us.

Contact us now at 81826987 for an appointment and give your car a fresh start.

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