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Giving Life To A Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

How many times have you sent your car to a car groomer and later on found that more swirls marks have appeared after 1 week of washing?

Please do not be puzzled by this occurrence. Here is a good example of a Volkswagen Beetle that was sent for a complete paint waxing session. However, after some weeks, these swirl marks started appearing. To make matters worse, the hard water spots on the paintwork was not removed causing the overall paint surface to look dull and tired. If you are facing such issues or refuse to allow your brand new car to get to this condition, give us a call today! And our friend advisers will be able to provide the best recommendations for you.

Here are some of the differences that a proper paint specialists can do for your car's paintwork. With the right tools and knowledge, paint rejuvenation can bring out the best in your car.

After 14 hours of paint rejuvenation and correction by our specialists, the paintwork was finally ready for our application of Skinz "Glassjacket". This would enhance the gloss, improve optical clarity of the paint and provide protection to the surface. Take a look at the photos and see the difference yourself!

Protection: Skinz Glassjacket 7H Weather and pollution resistance Chemical resistant Protects the physical gloss levels Improves optical clarity Forms a permanent bond with the paint Time required: 17 hours All our packages are customised and catered for each individual to suit their needs and usage patterns. For more information and appointments, please contact us via PM or Whatsapp/sms at 81826987.

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