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How to add fire to a flaming horse - Ferrari California

Coating your car's paintwork from Day 1 has become an essential part of many car owners' maintenance regime. Having a layer of glass(silica) coating applied to brand new paint, provides an added security that the original paint of your new car is shielded from the harmful environmental fallout.

However, this does not mean that older cars should not receive this fantastic treatment to further enhance the paintwork. Here in this example, we have a 3 year old Ferrari California that was sent in for a complete Paint Protection Coating package. After a thorough assessment and paint thickness test, our team starts our regime of washing and decontamination on the exterior bodywork, rims and all trimmings.

Due to the damage on the paint surface, we needed to carry out a 4 stage paint rejuvenation to ensure a thorough removal of swirl marks and water spots.

Here are some photos to show case the type of damage on the paint surface.

With varying techniques and a combination of different pads & polishing compounds, we will be able to achieve the results that is desired. That is, a surface clarity and outcome that is close to showroom conditions.

The gloss levels and optical clarity of the paint is brought out through physical paint polishing methods. Each stage of buffing and rejuvenation reveals a new level of satisfaction.

After completeing a tedious process of paint rejuvenation. The vehicle is sent to the wash area for a final wash down before the preparation for paint coating application starts. We have chosen to go with Skinz "Glassjacket" in this situation for the ultimate balance in water repellency and long term paint protection.

Work Completed - 4 Stage Paint Rejuvenation & Skinz "Glassjacket" Coating

Due to the strong hydrophobic nature of Glassjacket, water forms a bead as it comes into contact with the coating surface and rolls off. Therefore, reducing the time taken to wash and dry your vehicle. Contaminants are easily removed from the surface with little washing required. Most importantly, the physical gloss is locked underneath the layer of coating, allowing your vehicle to continue to shine after every wash.

All our specialists at Detail Mania are trained and equipped with proper knowledge on how to handle and work with all car types. Each specialists has a minimum experience of 5 years working with automotive paint and detailing works. Do not hesitate to give us a call or pm to find out about what we can do for you.

Skinz "Glassjacket" – Weather and pollution resistance – Chemical resistant – Protects the physical gloss levels – Improves optical clarity – Forms a permanent bond with the paint Time required: 72 hours

All our packages are customised and catered for each individual to suit their needs and usage patterns. For more information and appointments, please contact us via PM or Whatsapp/sms at 81826987.

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