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Mercedes CLA Twins - New Car Coating Systems

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Paint protection coating in action

With the large number of people joining the industry to carry out paint protection systems, it is becoming confusing for many consumers to find the best guys in the industry. At Detail Mania, many of our customers are attracted to us because they have either heard rave reviews about our work or have personally tried out the services of others and were gravely disappointed. However, this time, it was a little different.

Skinz Glassjacket | Ceramic Paint Protection

Our customers this time were two brothers who had recently bought their beloved rides. Looking for a solution to protect their paint from our harsh environment, they turned to the internet and located us. After speaking to us, they were still quite unsure if we could live up to what we said. Regardless, they decided that they would take a small chance and gave Detail Mania a chance. I am personally glad they did. Here are some photos of the finished work.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Grey CLA

Paint Protection with Skinz Glassjacket

Paint Protection for Rims - 9H Hardness

Paint Protection Coating For Brand New Cars

Protect Your Ride With Skinz Glassjacket Glass Coating

Paint Protection Singapore And Malaysia

Paint Protection Singapore

Protect Your Car The Right Way

Black CLA

Paint Protection Singapore

Singapore Paint Protection

Glass Coating Singapore

Glass Coating for Car

Protection: Skinz Glassjacket 7H Weather and pollution resistance Chemical resistant Protects the physical gloss levels Improves optical clarity Forms a permanent bond with the paint

Work done: Multi step car spa Paint decontamination Jewel stage paint rejuvenation Paint thickness measurement Exhaust tips polished, shined and coated Paint Cleansing Skinz "GLASSJACKET" 7H coating application Skinz "TRIM" plastic coating and restorer Skinz "RIMS" 9H ceramic coating for Rims and Metal Full interior cabin detail Leather and Vinyl coat with Skinz "Collagen & Mink" Final inspection run down and work quality inspected

Time required: 8 hours

All our packages are customised and catered for each individual to suit their needs and usage patterns.

For more information and appointments, please contact us via PM or Whatsapp/sms at 81826987.

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