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Car Grooming with Japanese Paint Protection Coating

Buying a car in today's market is not a simple feat. Congratulations to everyone whom have just taken delivery of their prized possessions.

However, here comes the harder part. Owning and maintaining a car isn't an easy task either, especially when our cars are constantly battered by our climate and stressful environment.

Therefore, is regular washing sufficient to maintain the overall appearance of your car? How many times should you groom your car in a year?

With our local climate conditions, our cars are more susceptible to environmental fallouts, hard water spotting and overall damage to the clearcoat layer of your car. All these leave your car looking dull, gloomy and unappealing. A proper car grooming session will leave your ride looking new and smelling fresh again. However, how many times have you been to a car grooming workshop and left feeling happy only for a few days. In a couple of days, this 'new found' gloss will start disappearing and you become left with a swirlled up and gloomy car again.

Protect the original paintwork of your ride and benefit from a higher resale value when it is time to move on to your next target.

Make the switch to a highly durable Japanese Paint Protection Coating today.

Protection: Skinz Glassjacket 7H Weather and pollution resistance Chemical resistant Protects the physical gloss levels Improves optical clarityForms a permanent bond with the paint Reduces time spent on washing and drying your vehicle

Work done: Multi step car spa Autoscrub paint decontamination Single stage paint jewel Paint thickness measurement Exhaust tips polished, shined and coated Paint Cleansing Skinz "GLASSJACKET" 7H coating application Skinz "TRIM" plastic coating and restorer Skinz "RIMS" 9H ceramic coating for Rims and Metal Leather and Vinyl protection with Skinz "Collagen & Mink" Final inspection run down and work quality inspected

Time required: 8 hours

All our packages are customised and catered for each individual to suit their needs and usage patterns.

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