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The Humble Daily Driver With A Mean Heart

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Porsche 911 C4S

A regular customer whose car has been wearing Honjyo for the last 2 years. He has been so impressed with our work standards and quality that when we told him about our new line up, he requested an immediate upgrade to Skinz "Glassjacket" 7H.

P9111163 04.jpg

To ensure that we are able to achieve a perfect bond with the paint surface, we needed to completely remove any previous coatings on the surface. Based on our experience with different coatings, we were well aware of the removal process for Honjyo and recommended for a 2 Stage Paint Rejuvenation. At the same time, we wanted to enhance the surface physical gloss further with our unique paint jeweling technique. This is a tedious and time consuming refining process where the paint is worked at a slow pace to ensure uniformity across the paint surface.

P9111163 11.jpg

After having completed our paint rejuvenation stage, a total of 3 hours was spent on the application of coating on all areas. At Detail Mania, we believe that each vehicle should be treated with equal respect and effort. A large amount of time is spent on ensuring that all aspects of the car is attended to.

P9111163 01.jpg

Coating application is a very time consuming process, which requires the detailers' utmost attention and concentration. All coating applications are completed in our fully air-conditioned coating room for safety reasons. Each panel will be thoroughly inspected to be sure that the coating was applied evenly and no excess coating was left on the surface. Improper preparation and a lack of attention to details can lead to surface staining during application.

Weather and pollution resistance

Chemical resistant

Protects the physical gloss levels

Improves optical clarity

Forms a permanent bond with the paint

Work done:

Multi step car spa

Autoscrub paint decontamination

3 stage paint rejuvenation

Paint thickness measurement

Exhaust tips polished, shined and coated

Paint Cleansing

Skinz "GLASSJACKET" 7H coating application

Skinz "TRIM" plastic coating and restorer

Skinz "RIMS" 9H ceramic coating for Rims and Metal

Full interior cabin detail

Leather and Vinyl coat with Skinz "Collagen & Mink"

Final inspection run down and work quality inspected

Time required: 9 hours

All our packages are customised and catered for each individual to suit their needs and usage patterns.

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P9111163 02.jpg
P9111163 03.jpg
P9111163 08.jpg
P9111163 09.jpg
P9111163 06.jpg
P9111163 10.jpg
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