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We Bring You The Best Ceramic Coating For Our Climate

Skinz "Glassjacket Pro" was developed to withstand the harsh weather condition in Singapore and Malaysia. It forms a hardened shell that does not wash away even after multiple car wash or heavy rainfall. In fact, it is so resistant, it does not break down over a short period of time. A single application of coating can protect your car's paintwork for years to come. 

Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic and highly resistant to UV, heat and chemicals. This critical property allows our coating to repel dirt, dust, self-clean and prevent minor scratches that can occur from washing and daily use.

Established in 2010, we are the pioneers in Singapore to adopt Japanese Paint Protection systems using Silica Dioxide as a main active ingredient.

Skinz "Glassjacket" comprises of a series of Glass, Ceramic and Hybrid Coatings that have undergone rigorous tests to ensure its suitability and durability in our climates.

Join Thousands Of Singaporean Cars Protected With Skinz Glassjacket Coatings

Glassjacket Pro is formulated to bond molecularly with the vehicle's existing paint surface. The coating does not wash off and will not require repeated monthly applications.


Glassjacket Pro enhances and protects the intense mirror gloss of your car's paint surface after paint rejuvenation. It increases the surface contact angle with water resulting in extreme hydrophobic properties and a self cleaning ability which makes washing and maintenance a breeze.

Ceramic coatings should not be applied to a car filled with scratches and marrings.

Ceramic coatings do not necessarily add physical gloss to your car's paint surface if it is already scratched and etched with marrings. Applying a coating to a damaged surface can cause these defects to become more obvious to the eye, this is especially so if you are looking at your car's paintwork under the sun.


At the same time, the uneven paint surface prevents the paint coating from achieving a proper bond. The lifespan of the coating becomes shortened as a result.


Scroll down to understand the importance of paint rejuvenation for your car.

What Is Paint Rejuvenation And Why Do You Need It?

Paint rejuvenation is the process of physical machine polishing through the combination of varying intensity of pads and polishing compounds to achieve a renewed paint surface, leaving it smooth and glossy.

Proper paint rejuvenation should only be carried out by experienced technicians with years of training to ensure that your paint surface is properly prepared, buffed, polished and jewelled to a high gloss