SiO2 Paint Protection Coating

20 brands, 3 years and 20 test vehicles later, we are proud to introduce Skinz "Glassjacket" Series to bring you the finest in Japanese paint protection coatings. Our complete range of coatings are made to withstand the harshness of Singapore's climate and have been known to perform flawlessly over the years. Bringing you ease of maintenance and unparalleled surface gloss protection. Choose your preferred weapon of choice from our Basic, Pro or Hybrid series.

Don't trust us, trust only what you see.

Paint Rejuvenation Specialist

Experience the difference with professional paint rejuvenation and bring back the sparkle in your car. Our unique paint rejuvenation techniques have been developed over the years to ensure permanent removal of unsightly swirls, scratches, etchings and water spots  What sets your car apart from the rest, lies in our final paint jewel step that refines and rapidly increase physical gloss of your car's paintwork.


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